[rabbitmq-discuss] error PossibleAuthenticationFailureException

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Dec 17 11:52:53 GMT 2010

Hi Ò¦»Ô,

On 17/12/10 01:35, Ò¦»Ô wrote:
> When i used java client connect to a broker server, i got a error like this:
> Exception in thread "main"
> com.rabbitmq.client.PossibleAuthenticationFailureException: Possibly
> caused by authentication failure


> the code
> Connection conn = null;
> conn = factory.newConnection();
> factory.setHost(""); //local ip address
> Channel chan = conn.createChannel(); //error here
> if i use setHost("localhost"), it's ok. someone can tell why?

Is it possible that is the IP number of a non-local server 
running a RabbitMQ broker with different credentials?

Check the output of "rabbitmqctl list_users" and double-check that the 
usernames that you expect appear. Also check the output of "rabbitmqctl 
status" and retry the test using the hostname (part after the @) instead 
of the IP number.



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