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Matt Miller matt at mydomedia.com
Tue Dec 14 16:39:33 GMT 2010

I had a similar issue; there exists an experimental ldap authentication/authorization plugin. It sounds promising but I have not got it to run on my system. LDAP also turned out to be a real pain.. slapd works great but the documentation is very confusing and convoluted as the distro specifics and implementation have been volatile.

If interested you might want to try compiling the auth-ldap plugin and use Apache DS.

post back your experience. if you move forward .. 


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My client wants to rent their application to multiple customers - multi tenancy. I'm currently thinking to use a RabbitMQ virtual host per company, so each company is separated with their own queues, allowing me to throttle, turn on/off consumers on a per company basis, and to scale out a companies brokers if need be. Does this sound ok ? 

I also propose to create accounts for the different consumers/producers in the system, this would have to be multiplied by the number of companies, so I could imagine the administration of all those users, permissions and nodes might be a bit time consuming. Has anybody done something like this, or is there a better approach ? 


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