[rabbitmq-discuss] routing key advice + QueueBind(...)

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Fri Dec 10 19:44:30 GMT 2010

On Dec 10, 2010, at 11:21 AM, Steven Taylor wrote:

> thanks for the reply.  That's good news on the multiple bindings.  The more that I get to know RabbitMQ, the more I like it.
> I'm using the C# .Net client at the moment (might like to add another language client or two in future).

I don't know that client very well myself, but poking around in its source code it has enough similarities to the Java one that the latter might still be somewhat instructive in cases.

>  I had found the api guide, and faq.  I haven't explored the java library yet. I looked at  + played with the .net examples: declareQueue, perf test, subscriber, etc.  I also looked at a bunch of the presentations such as the one that Alexis did at Google. BTW: the getting started guide with the python/java examples is quite good.

I believe more of those are going to be forthcoming, so, as they say, "watch that space."

>  I'm at the stage where I need to solve specific problems / issues + choose an optimum exchange / routing setups. I'm sure you've been there yourself i.e. high level pretty good. Low level -- like that example was easy, I can see how that worked, but still stumbling around a little bit in the code for my stuff type of thing. Getting there. If you guys can help me put my hands on some of these specifics I'd appreciate that.

Absolutely.  We're happy to help.  

Filling in the gap between the high level structure and the details of the implementation with best practices and the locally tasteful idioms takes a bit of time, but, in general Rabbit, its code, and its documentation reward study.  The team and community are generally active and interested in helping out newcomers to the community.

Also there's an upcoming book on Rabbit that you might find useful:


The first couple of chapters are available from the publisher in an early-access/preview edition.  It looks like it will fill an important niche in the Rabbit ecosystem as it comes together.


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