[rabbitmq-discuss] ssl certificate to client lookup

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Dec 8 18:11:14 GMT 2010

On 08/12/2010 6:03PM, Nathaniel Haggard wrote:
> Has showing ssl info for each connection been implemented yet?  If not
> is there a patch I could test?

RabbitMQ 2.1.1 added the subject and issuer of the client certificate 
(if there is one) as well as its validity period to the info items 
available in rabbitmqctl.

bug23578 (not yet QAed) adds SSL protocol version / algorithm 
information to that.

Also, bug23467 (not yet QAed) allows your clients to use the SASL 
EXTERNAL mechanism to log in using a client certificate, which may be 
interesting to you.

Cheers, Simon

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