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Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Mon Dec 6 21:09:02 GMT 2010

Hi, Frank.

A couple of things to check first.  From your client machine:

Can you ping the machine where your rabbit broker is running?

ping name-of-server-host

If the Rabbit server is pingable, what happens if you try telnetting to Rabbit's port, i.e.

telnet name-of-server-host 5672

and banging out some nonsense on the keyboard?  You ought to see something like the following (here 'strongmad' is the machine running the Rabbit server, and 'bubs' is another host on the same network):

[jerryk at bubs ~]$ telnet strongmad.local 5672
Connected to StrongMad.local.
Escape character is '^]'.
AMQP Connection closed by foreign host.

If you see this, then the server is alive, is listening on the expected default port, and is answering when clients connect.  If the connection is outright refused, then either Rabbit isn't present and listening at that port, or you may have a firewall standing in the way that needs to be configured to let your Rabbit traffic through.

If neither of those work, check that your server is really up, that you can actually establish connections from client to server machine, and that you don't have a firewall perhaps blocking connections to the port on which Rabbit wants to receive client connections.

If your setup passes the above tests, check to make sure that the host your client is trying to establish a connection to is really the one you want it to be and not something like a leftover hardcoded "localhost" or something from any earlier non-remote experiments you might have performed.

Let's see what we discover with these checks, and dig in further if solutions don't present themselves.


On Dec 6, 2010, at 12:47 PM, Frank Paterra wrote:

Rather than bother the list with details, can you point me to
information resources that will help me debug my installation?
Specifically I can connect and use RabbitMQ if my producer and
consumer are running on the same machine as the RabbitMQ server but I
cannot connect and access the server from a remote machine.

Thank you.

Frank Paterra
fcp at wittykids.com<mailto:fcp at wittykids.com>
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