[rabbitmq-discuss] Connection managment

romary.kremer at gmail.com romary.kremer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 14:47:51 GMT 2010

Is there a way to configure within rabbitMQ the maximum number of  
authorized connections on a single-node server ?

Let say my message broker is sized to be operational with a number n  
of clients connected simultaneously. I would want
to ensure that not more than n connections can be opened on the server.

I could think of 2 ways to achieve this :

1°) Either there is  a customizable option to limit the number of  
connections the broker can accept ?

2°) Or, since every client has its own user/passwd, is their a way to  
limit the number of connection on a per-user basis ?

by allowing only one connection per user, and creating only the n well- 
known users allowed to connect, this solution would
be enough for our requirements.

Best regards.

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