[rabbitmq-discuss] queue statistics

mixtli mixtlispam at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 14:32:36 GMT 2010

Are the queue statistics known to work?  I'm on 2.1.1 from macports,
and all statistics on all queues seem to show 0.

sudo rabbitmqctl -p netatlas list_queues name messages
messages_unacknowledged messages_ready

Listing queues ...
poller_config_44	 0	0	0
poller_config_35	 0	0	0
poller_config_39	 0	0	0
poller_config_28	 0	0	0

This is after I've sent many messages to the queue.  I'm able to pop
them off, but they never show up in stats.

Do I need to upgrade to 2.2.0, and if so, any idea when it might make
it to macports?

Thanks ;)

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