[rabbitmq-discuss] more goodies for webhooks plugin

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Fri Aug 27 17:21:41 BST 2010

Just pushed some more changes:

1) URLs are parameter-replaced with message headers that don't start with an "X-". "http://localhost:8000/rest/{oid}" will be replaced with the value of "oid" from the message headers before calling the URL. The part between the {}'s is a regex, actually, not a simple parameter name, so all the problems/features that come with regex matches will apply here.

2) URLs and HTTP methods are overrideable on a per-message basis. Each message can tell the plugin where to send it by including a "url" and/or "method" header.

3) Any message headers that start with "X-" are considered HTTP headers and are passed on to the REST URL as-is. Headers that do NOT start with an "X-" are considered "parameters" for the URL replacement, and are not sent through to the REST URL (that's what the message body is for).

I need to do a couple wiki pages before I get too much farther. :)


J. Brisbin

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