[rabbitmq-discuss] Troubles getting Shovel to work on Windows on 2.0.0

Iver Odin Kvello iverodin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 10:35:01 BST 2010

> Note the reference to "127.0.1" in the error. Any idea where that is
> coming from?

No, I think I must probably have edited the text when writing the
email - it was supposed to be

The problem actually was that the other server hadn't been upgradet to
2.0.0 yet.

I tried using first the direct connection and then using localhost
both as source and destination, which worked fine. Shovelling to the
other server still failed, but upgrading it to 2.0.0  fixed the
problem.  It seems shovelling to older versions will cause these kinds
of errors (on another, older server I got enomem instead).

Thank you very much for the assistance!


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