[rabbitmq-discuss] To know when a queue is empty from a Java client

Mark Pollack mpollack at vmware.com
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The Spring AMQP project provides some initial support for an admin API.  We use JInterface to call the erlang functions used by rabbitmqctl.

Take a look at the javadocs here


We are not yet complete in supporting the full range of functionality available in rabbitmqctl but that is the goal.

There is also a .NET version.


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On Aug 26, 2010, at 9:34 AM, Florence Chabanois wrote:

Hum indeed, this is literally our code...

So if declare_ok always refers to a new queue, we have no choice but use Runtime.exec("rabbitmqctl list_queues") if we want to know this kind of information on an existing queue?


Actually, your code is creating a new queue, so in your example, the declare_ok will always refer to a new queue.

But if you declare a queue that already exists (which a producer has already populated with messages), you'll get back the message count. Give a name to your queue and have the producer and consumer use the same name.

If you attach your consumer to a new queue (which you're doing by creating an anonymous queue) the message count will obviously be zero because nothing has put messages in it yet.

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