[rabbitmq-discuss] To know when a queue is empty from a Java client

Florence Chabanois flocha2000-agile at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 26 15:05:59 BST 2010

Thanks for your answer !
We may be using it in a wrong way but so far, the method getMessageCount() always displays 0 message, when "rabbitmqctl list_queues" displays 8 messages or keeps growing.
DeclareOk declareOk = channel.queueDeclare();System.out.println(">>>> MESSAGES : " + declareOk.getMessageCount());

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>  From a Java client we need to know when a queue is empty.
> Is there a way to know it via the Java api (or to know the number
> of messages in a queue).
> We would rather have another way than calling /"rabbitmqctl list_queues"/
> via Runtime.exec()

A queue.declare_ok frame includes the number of messages on the queue; so, you could send a passive queue.declare, and examine the response.


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