[rabbitmq-discuss] webhooks plugin

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Wed Aug 25 22:00:32 BST 2010

The day's not over, but I've made some pretty good progress on the webhooks plugin today. Got the plugin starting inside the broker and listening to external messages, etc...

Now I just need to plug lhttpc into the gen_server I'm using for handling messages and I'll be done with the first alpha!

I'm wondering now how the best way to handle payload data is in the erlang client? I seem to be crashing the broker when trying to do anything with it. It looks like this in the console:

<<"{ \"my\": \"test\" }">>

I don't know what it doesn't like about that. Looks like valid JSON data to me. I'm sending this message from my Groovy DSL.

How do I need to define my handle_call() function to get access to the payload without causing the broker to barf? I'm using:

handle_call({Info, Msg}, State) 


J. Brisbin

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