[rabbitmq-discuss] My very unofficial bleeding-edge binary rabbitmq-universe repository (was Re: RabbitMQ 1.8.1 Stomp adaptor badmatch)

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at rabbitmq.com
Mon Aug 23 19:59:56 BST 2010

Tim Child wrote:
> So now was is left to do is to install in a meaningful way on my Ubuntu
> 10.04 LTS server, by that I mean, have a proper daemon running, with the binaries
> on the path and have the STOMP server installed. I presume there is something in
> rabbitmq-server/packaging I could use?

If you don't mind using the extremely unofficial packages I've built for my own
personal use (on and for a rackspace-cloud ubuntu machine), you could try adding

  deb http://vapour.eighty-twenty.org/rabbitmq/repo/debian/ kitten main

to your sources.list and running

  apt-get install rabbitmq-server rabbitmq-plugin-rabbit-stomp

The packages in the repo are built from the latest mercurial/git revisions of
the various rabbitmq projects by http://github.com/tonyg/rabbitmq-universe
every time I get around to making it check for updates. Which is every few
days. I suppose I should cron it or something.

The version numbers will look odd at first glance. I've tried to explain here:


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