[rabbitmq-discuss] Building rabbitmq on snow leopard?

David Wragg david at rabbitmq.com
Sat Aug 21 17:13:47 BST 2010

Hi Robert,

Robert Nicholson <robert.nicholson at gmail.com> writes:
> What is the preferred way to build/run rabbitmq server?

On OS X, installation via macports is what we support and test.  I can't
claim that the macports approach is always as robust as we would like,
but it does seem to work for a lot of people.

Others have reported success installing the generic unix package on OS X
(see <http://www.rabbitmq.com/install.html#generic-unix>).  But to run
that, you need to install erlang, and one way to do that is through
macports (though you could use homebrew, or build it - and all its
dependencies - by hand).  So the macports approach seems the most
straightforward to me.

> Since I have VM Ware Fusion that's always an option if there's an
> appliance.

That's an interesting idea, but we don't currently release such a thing.
But if you happen to have a Linux VM around (debian, ubuntu, or fedora),
installing rabbitmq-server there is really easy due to the package
management systems.

> When I try MacPorts all I end up with is what looks like an endless
> loop of it trying to figure out what the dependencies are.

See below.

> I will include information for you here now ...
> [...]

I've checked the xmlto macports portfile (at
and I see that it does list getopt as a dependency, as well as 11 other
dependencies.  So installing it by hand could be quite a tiresome

> When I tried MacPorts
> I see
> DEBUG: Didn't find receipt, going to depspec regex for: libiconv
> DEBUG: Searching for dependency: expat
> [...]

This seems like a macports issue unconnected with the rabbitmq-server
port.  I see that it was reported to macports at
<https://trac.macports.org/ticket/25923>, and the underlying cuase is
described in <https://trac.macports.org/ticket/25912>.  But apparently
it was fixed 3 weeks ago.  So try the following three commands to bring
everything up to date:

  $ sudo port selfupdate
  $ sudo port sync
  $ sudo port upgrade outdated


David Wragg
Staff Engineer, RabbitMQ
SpringSource, a division of VMware

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