[rabbitmq-discuss] Cluster behavior with distributing messages internally over Wide area networks

Josh Geisser josh at gebaschtel.ch
Wed Aug 18 05:04:24 BST 2010

Hi all

I was wondering whether a Node is aware of what to and what not to deliver to a cluster peer. 

[Node 1] ===> consumer1 (queue1)
   | WAN 
[Node 2] ===> consumer2 (queue2)

Here all messages to will traverse the WAN connection b/c they are delivered to Queue2.

If Node 2 would not have a consumer2, would Node 1 send all it's messages, or will it filter messages only to match a queue in Node2?

I guess my question is rather related to where a queue is held in memory and how it's accessed, but our concern is what inter-cluster-traffic we have to expect. Since it's a low bandwith/high latency connection we're not sure whether Clustering or Shovel is more adequate?


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