[rabbitmq-discuss] Subscribing to a queue regardless of its parameters (auto-delete, ack, etc.)

Orhan Kavrakoglu orhan at tart.com.tr
Mon Aug 16 13:45:51 BST 2010

I didn't seem to get a response to the following question. Did I do 
something wrong? (Or am I just too impatient?)

On 2010-08-11 13:39, Orhan Kavrakoglu wrote:
> I have a client-side library (modified PHP Zend_Queue classes over the 
> STOMP adapter) which I use to subscribe to some queues. However, the 
> interface provided by the STOMP adapter seems to want the exact 
> parameters a queue was created with in order to subscribe to it. (That 
> is, if a queue was created with the non-default "auto-delete: false" 
> parameter, you have to specify "auto-delete: false" when subscribing 
> to it.) This complicates the client code, especially given that the 
> queue was created in a Java program somewhere else. Is there a way to 
> work around this?
> Either a "subscribe regardless of parameters" command or some way to 
> get a queue's parameters would work. I haven't checked if libamqp has 
> either, because I couldn't find a PHP implementation that works on 
> Windows (which half our developers are using).

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