[rabbitmq-discuss] JSONRPCError - Internal error: badmatch

Marek Majkowski majek04 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 13:16:09 BST 2010

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 11:27, Cameron Harris <cameron at cameronharris.org> wrote:
> That has fixed the issue when building from scratch, thanks.
> However, we would like to get it working in 1.8.1 if possible. I've tried
> checking out the revision of rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel that Simon suggested
> most likely to work with 1.8.1 (0a920cb5180b) and loaded it into the 1.8.1
> release version of rabbitmq, along with the head versions of
> rfc4627_jsonrpc, rabbit_jsonrpc, rabbit_mochiweb, mochiweb. Unfortunately
> this gives me the error I reported in my first post.
> I tried building rabbitmq-server tag 1.8.1, but I got errors relating to
> what files were available in rabbit-codegen, and rabbit-codegen only has a
> 1.8.0 tag. Many of the other plugins aren't tagged for 1.8.1, so is using
> the head version of those likely to cause a problem? Most of the comments on
> the commits also reference bug numbers.. is there a public bug tracker
> anywhere so that I can work out what the commits are for?

The bug tracker is not public at the moment.
I'm afraid I'm not able to assist you with building the plugins for 1.8.1.
Instead, I'd ask you to give us some time. On the next release
(which should happen pretty soon) all the plugins will be correctly
tagged and hopefully working.

> On a more interesting, related note: is there any way of writing javascript
> that runs on a seperate webserver that connects to the rabbitmq-server's
> json-rpc?

That is a very valid question. From my knowledge no one has ever tried
to use these plugins in production.

If anyone has - please shout now!

> I'm guessing either you could use JSONP, or in standards compliant
> browsers, you'd need to use CORS/XHR2, and IE would need to use
> XDomainRequest (which needs support in the javascript lib doesn't it?). Has
> this issue been considered yet? To do CORS and JSONP would both require
> support in the web server, wouldn't they?

I did heard of the solution to this problem via iframe hack, but it's all messy.

On the other hand there seem to be few projects that try to do  'comet'
things via a hosted service. For example http://pusherapp.com/.

What problem are you actually trying to solve via rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel?


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