[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Message Publishing and Consuming with Database Operations

jigar sheth jigar87 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 12:00:03 BST 2010

In my Previous question i received a response from which i understood i will
have to involve some sort of database operation.
at the bottom of this mail is my previously asked question.

So on that basis to achieve the requirement which i have mentioned below
what kind of database operation will i require to perform. please tell me
how can i achieve this task. since i am a beginner little explanation or
some links from where i can understand things woulod be appreciated

Thanks & Regards,
Jigar Sheth

*Previously Asked Question*
 just need to findout how to publish a message in a queue with a ID
> (message ID or any such ID that identifies the message) and to Consume the
> Message based on ID I really dont think Database is the Correct
> Approach.since the messages are already in the queue we just need a way to
> assign ID and read them by those ID. I am sure it is possible in rabbitMQ
> api but i dont know how.
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