[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Message Consumption ID based (c# API)

jigar sheth jigar87 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 08:29:24 BST 2010

i would like to publish/produce a message with some message id, like each
message has a particular id..

i just need to findout how to publish a message in a queue with a ID
(message ID or any such ID that identifies the message) and to Consume the
Message based on ID I really dont think Database is the Correct
Approach.since the messages are already in the queue we just need a way to
assign ID and read them by those ID. I am sure it is possible in rabbitMQ c#
api but i dont know how.

regarding publishing message i have figured it out till some extent ,what i
did is created object for  IBasicProperties
(IBasicProperties object = new BasicProperties();) and than assigned
messageid to the object and passed that object inside BasicPublish method. I
am not sure whether this is the correct way to do, but i am still not able
to understand how to consume message based on ID passed in this

Jigar Sheth
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