[rabbitmq-discuss] Disk node vs ram node

Alexandru Scvorţov alexandru at rabbitmq.com
Thu Aug 12 14:33:54 BST 2010

Hi Dave,

> When a node with a queue goes down, can I write something using the java client that re-declares all known queues on the other node. May be have all the queue names(and params) registered somewhere in the app and upon reconnect, passively re-declare them. If passive declaration throws an exception, catch that and do an actual declaration. Would that work?

If you:
  1) declare a durable queue on one of the clustered nodes,
  2) take down that node,
  3) declare the same queue on another node
you get a "404: Not Found".

If it's not durable, sure.

As an aside, if you passive declare something, then immediately declare
it, the first step is redundant.  There's no problem with declaring
the same thing repeatedly. (assuming it's declared in exactly the
same way and it's not unreachable)


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