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Sunghyun Lee Sunghyun at altispartners.com
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Thanks for the response,

The problem with IIS is that the worker process will recycle resulting in the consumer being killed.  Rather than look at resolving this behaviour in IIS we want to deliver messages by POSTing messages via HTTP to our web applications.  If a message is received by an application that IIS is not currently running then IIS will start that application and allow that message to be processed.

We think the rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel will provide this functionality however we are not sure.  We have also considered creating a windows service to act as a channel adaptor taking in rabbitmq messages and converting them to http calls.

Are we heading in the right direction or missing something?

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Depending on how the Web applications are written that are running under IIS, I am wondering whether the .NET client would not be appropriate? Or perhaps I missed something here?
On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 18:34, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com><mailto:simon at rabbitmq.com>> wrote:
On 03/08/10 17:22, Sunghyun Lee wrote:
Is it possible to deliver messages to web applications hosted on IIS
from the Rabbit broker running on windows? I have had a quick look at
the rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel however being on windows we can't really
get this to build.

Hi Sunghyun.

If the only problem you have is building it then rabbitmq-jsonrpc-channel should still be your best bet. The .ez files are cross platform so if you can build it on a Linux VM you can deploy to Windows. I think you should be able to build the plugins using Cygwin as well.

We're also looking at how we can make plugin installation easier; I'm not allowed to make predictions of release dates or anything but I intend to get us into a state where we can make binary plugin releases at some point.

Cheers, Simon
Simon MacMullen
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