[rabbitmq-discuss] Non-crashing error

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 19:54:57 BST 2010

I'm getting this error in my rabbit.log, and nothing at all in my -sasl.log:

Error in process <0.3222.770> on node 'mqueue at master' with exit value:

I can't find any place where :sync() is being called with no
arguments, and I don't have any sort of traceback.  the sasl.log is
empty, so there's no help there.  I'm not sure if this bug report is
of any value at all without that info, but I'm trying :)  The problem
that I've seen is that I very rarely get a failure to connect to
rabbit, but then it is working fine immediately afterwards.  There are
no printouts on the console where the rabbit server is running.

hg summary gives me "parent: 2964:dcf75e1958f6 tip".

If I can provide anything more useful, I'll be happy to.

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