[rabbitmq-discuss] <rabbitmq-java-client-vxx>\test\src\com\rabbitmq\examples --- are these supposed to work out of the box on all platforms, i.e., if they do not, is it considered a bug?

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Sat Apr 17 23:25:38 BST 2010

Hi John,

John Apps wrote:
> The subject line says it all. Having spent some time, and also that of
> the folks on this list, running the above examples and finding several
> that do not work, i.e., crash

What circumstances do they crash under?

> I am now wondering if I am spending time on something which is shipped as an
> example, i.e., there is no guarantee that it will work on all supported
> platforms, e.g., Windows.

They should work on all supported platforms. Of course, machines and operating
systems differ, so the "examples" intended for finding the limits of stability
of RabbitMQ will need different parameters in each new context.

> This is a general question for now; specifics can be provided if there
> is interest in learning which of the examples do not work. MulticastMain
> comes to mind, StressPersister is another.

These are both for finding the limits of the system. They should run
identically on all platforms, but some platforms will perform worse than others
and so will require more conservative parameter settings.


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