[rabbitmq-discuss] "Protocol wrong type for socket"

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Thu Apr 15 18:27:33 BST 2010

Hi Brian,

Brian Crowell <brian at fluggo.com> writes:
> I downloaded and built rabbitmq-c on Debian, and right away I ran into
> this trouble:
>   $ ./examples/amqp_listen localhost 5672 amq.direct test
>   Logging in: Protocol wrong type for socket
> Now, this is my first time using RabbitMQ. I know the server is
> listening to that port, but is there some other configuration I got
> wrong?

It sounds like you might be running the AMQP 0.9.1 rabbitmq-c against
a AMQP 0.8 rabbitmq-server, or vice versa (e.g. one of them built from
the default branch, one from the amqp_0_9_1 branch).  Does that sound
likely?  You currently need to use a client and server for the same
AMQP version.


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