[rabbitmq-discuss] New User: Questions and Comments

Mark Steckel mjs at fix.net
Sun Apr 11 19:17:03 BST 2010


I am new to RabbitMQ as well. I've been reading about it for a while
but started my first RabbitMQ server just yesterday. So far I'm very

On Apr 8, 8:16 am, Michael Bridgen <mi... at lshift.net> wrote:
> > * Cluster Capabilities *
> > [...]
> > When I originally read this I said "great!" and moved right down the
> > page to setup my cluster.  I was not really aware that this would
> > happen:
> >  * Create queue A on node 1
> >  * Send messages that are routed to queue A
> >  * Pull the plug on node A
> >  * Node 2 (if asked) says queue A doesn't exist
> > I realized afterward that this was what the earlier quote was trying
> > to tell me.  I'm not sure how to solve it in language.  There's a thin
> > line between warning users of shortcoming and being an alarmist.
> Indeed.  The single most common misunderstanding about clustering that
> comes up is that it gives full redundancy, whereas it's for scalability
> (basically, being able to have more processors accepting, routing, and
> delivering messages).  So the guide should at least say that up-front.

Ahh, this is something I've been trying to understand as well...

Is it the case that a RabbitMQ cluster a) allows a queue to be
accessed from every node in the cluster, but b) the queue and the
messages it contains only reside in/on a single node?

> There is an HA guide on its way

I'm definitely interested in reading this.


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