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yes there is definitely interest in this and in your work with groovy

sorry if we have been slow to respond over Easter


On Apr 5, 2010 2:53 PM, "Jon Brisbin" <jon.brisbin at npcinternational.com>

Not sure there's anyone besides me on both these lists, but I'm x-posting
just to save time.

I'm currently working on setting up a RabbitMQ-based session cluster using
my own session manager and store. I had to write my own because I couldn't
find anything out there that uses JMS or RabbitMQ to do session clustering
(which actually surprised me a little) that had the virtual cloud awareness
I need. Everything I've read about Tomcat clustering uses the Apache Tribes
replication, which doesn't work for me under even moderate load testing
(maybe I'm just not doing right...I don't know) or the centralized
JDBCStore, which introduces a single point of failure.

The basic idea here is to use RabbitMQ as the session clustering back-end
and have a user's session available to any server currently subscribed to
the clustering queue with no sticky sessions at all. This (cross your
fingers) gives me a very, very scalable clustering architecture (my RabbitMQ
servers are load-balanced and clustered using VMware vms so I can add
capacity at will) that doesn't suffer from the single point of failure of a
JDBCStore or the multicast limitations of Apache Tribes. Sessions are also
shared across points of responsibility, too, as a single session object can
be passed around from code running inside a webapp to code in a command-line
client. I wanted my session handling to be a first-class virtual cloud
citizen, rather than feel like I'm shoe-horning existing code into what I
want to do.

I'm almost finished with the heavy lifting. I should have a functioning
drop-in manager and store this week, which I'll put on my github account.
What I'd like to know is if there's any interest in the community for
something like this? If there's no interest, I won't bother writing
documentation and what-not.

Does this sound like it would interest any other Tomcat/RabbitMQ users?

Jon Brisbin
Portal Webmaster
NPC International, Inc.

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