[rabbitmq-discuss] Persister log size calculation and rolling persister log frequency?

John Apps johndapps at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:50:37 BST 2010

> readyMsg unackCountAcks uncommitedDurableAuto deleteArguments/
> amq.gen-EIK8rQQfEX9IBiqLwF6h7Q==10MB22702271227falsetrue[]

>>>I know some people aren't a fan of semantically significant spaces in
>>>programming languages, but they're generally favoured in English...

Oh well, it would appear that the program you are using to process entries
in the discussion group is
converting everything to plain text prior to processing. The original note
had some statistics taken from
the RabbitMQ Statistics Report Web application. I screen shots are
preferred, such as the one attached,
I shall send those along instead in the future.
John Apps
(49) 171 869 1813
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