[rabbitmq-discuss] Are Windows 7 X64 and X86 supported by RabbitMQ?

John Apps johndapps at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:38:19 BST 2010

Before I continue spending time on this and reporting things I either do not
understand or consider wrong,
it would be worth knowing if Windows in general and 7 (X64 and X86) are
supported by RabbitMQ.
I would hate to waste your time, and mine, with this!

I was told in a previous reply a few weeks ago that anyone considering a
'serious' production deployment of
a RabbitMQ application would use Linux rather than Windows. It was this
suggestion and the number of
things not quite working to plan that led me to ask the question.

Thank you, John
PS: I would like to thank the RabbitMQ people and also those in the
community for all the help and understanding
I have received to date!
John Apps
(49) 171 869 1813
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