[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel.isopen returns false and {timeout, running} exception

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Tue Sep 29 18:59:58 BST 2009


Paul Jones wrote:
> Would you have any kind of networking event that happens at this time? 
> For example, would it be possible that your network link gets reset?
> Maybe you could try leaving an SSH connection open to the server over 
> that time period, and see if it too ends up broken?

Actually, my guess would be that the error is caused by a busy machine, 
perhaps due to backups or some other heavy duty cron jobs running.

I have seen heartbeat timeouts (that's what the {timeout,running} error 
is) getting triggered under those circumstance on a customer system.

If so then the solution is to either increase the heartbeat interval or 
turn off heartbeats altogether (by setting the interval to 0 in the client).



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