[rabbitmq-discuss] problems with rabbitmq cluster across 2 ubuntu 9.04 machines

Pradeep Gatram pradeep.gatram at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 07:00:30 BST 2009

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the suggestions, I plan to try these today and update the group
about the results.


On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 3:04 PM, Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net>wrote:

> Pradeep,
> Pradeep Gatram wrote:
>> yes, i did that. infact, i have 1 winxp and 1 vista machines as well.
>> I have same cookie throughout. i am able to create cluster with both
>> the windows machines but not with the other ubuntu machine. cluster
>> creation succeeds if both the ubuntu machines enter into a cluster
>> with a windows machine. this lead me to think that there might be
>> something with some ubuntu security policy (ufw or something,
>> disabling ufw did not help though). any ideas will be most helpful.
> For two Erlang nodes to be able to communicate they
> - must have the same cookie (which, you say they do)
> - must be able to resolve the other node's hostname to an IP
> - must be able to connect to the Erlang port mapper daemon (epmd) on that
> IP - it listens on port 4369 by default
> - must be able to connect to the other node's distribution port. That port
> is chosen dynamically (though you can "pin" it with -kernel
> inet_dist_listen_min 4000 inet_dist_listen_max 4000) and returned by epmd.
> As a first step in tracking down the problem I suggest you start some test
> Erlang nodes on all your machines with
>  erl -sname mytest -setcookie mycookie
> and then evaluate
>  net_adm:ping(mytest@<machine1>).
>  net_adm:ping(mytest@<machine2>).
>  ...
> in each of the nodes, attempting to connect to the nodes on all other
> machines.
> The result of that will tell you which nodes have problems talking to each
> other, and then you can use the above information about epmd etc to
> investigate that further.
> Regards,
> Matthias.
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