[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQPev client library for Python/Eventlet

Kyle Schaffrick kyle at raidi.us
Tue Sep 22 15:28:17 BST 2009

I've been working on AMQPev, an AMQP client library to use with the
Eventlet networking library for Python. It is available on BitBucket at

In case you're not familiar with Eventlet [2], it allows writing
non-blocking socket applications using coroutines as an alternative to
directly programming with inversion of control idioms like reactors and
callbacks. There are two examples of what this looks like at [3].

AMQPev is barely complete enough to play with, but is still quite buggy
and may lack some (occasionally obvious) features, such as
authentication. It may also hang or behave strangely when errors occur.
However I'd like to get it out there early and invite people to play
with it. Feedback and improvements are welcome of course!

I realize this isn't RabbitMQ-specific per se, so apologies for being
slightly OT, but I figured this list would be a good place to start,
since I have been solely testing it against RabbitMQ. It may well just
halt and catch fire if you try to use it with another broker :)

 [1] http://bitbucket.org/edarc/amqpev
 [2] http://eventlet.net/
 [2] http://bitbucket.org/edarc/amqpev/wiki/Home

Have fun, and thanks for RabbitMQ!


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