[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ vs Spread vs QWIDS

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Fri Sep 18 18:43:02 BST 2009

Laurent Frobert wrote:
> Hi, 
> my boss wants me to explain why i want to choose RabbitMQ instead of Spread
> (http://www.spread.org/) or QWIDS (http://www.isti2.com/QWIDS/).
> Reason for him,  is that Spread and QWIDS are well used in other production
> environment,
> so, what rabbitmq can give more ?

I used to use Spread, and a few things I didn't like about it were:

The network protocol isn't documented, you pretty much have to use their 
supplied client libraries.  The Python one is just a wrapper around the 
C library, and it gave me lots of trouble with strange errors.  AMQP has 
lots of libraries in various languages now.

No real access control, anyone that connected could send and receive 
anything.  AMQP gives some control over that.

AMQP has topic exchanges, so you can filter out the messages you want 
more easily - Spread didn't have anything like that when I was using it.

Just my 2 cents.


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