[rabbitmq-discuss] using BasicProperties fields

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Sep 17 10:58:55 BST 2009


Philippe Kirsanov wrote:
> I'm looking into using some message properties like messageid, replyto, 
> expiration, timestamp, userid, appid
> I wander if those are available to use or rabbitmq/java lib may use it 
> future?

At the moment all message properties except delivery-mode are ignored by 
the server, so you can use them in applications as you please.

A few of the properties, such as expiration and message-id, may be 
inspected by the server as part of some future extension.

I do not envisage the core client libraries to ever do anything with 
these properties other than pass them between the app and the broker.

There are, however, layers on top of the core libraries which use some 
of these properties. See, for example, 
com.rabbitmq.client.Rcp{Client,Server}. More will follow.



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