[rabbitmq-discuss] some fixes to the as3-amqp library

Joost Diepenmaat joost at zeekat.nl
Mon Sep 14 11:40:49 BST 2009

Hi everybody.

On August 29, Ben Hood asked for some clarifications on the fork of
as3-amqp as found at http://github.com/joodie/as3-amqp

I'm the author of that fork, so I'll give it a shot :)

The most important fix in that fork is a couple of lines of buffering
code, meaning the library will now correctly parse AMQP frames even if
they arrive in chunks (multiple onSocketData events). This is important
because sending largish messages will result in multiple onSocketData
events and because AFAIK flash's builtin socket buffers are limited to
only a few dozen Kb of data.

In the mean time I've added a couple more fixes. These are fairly
straightforward: readTable() didn't correctly handle empty tables, and
the insist option to the Open command is now configurable and
defaults to true, because the library doesn't handle redirection
(rabbitmq seems to like redirecting clients in our setup -I'm not sure  

As for the fork os net-amqp and poe-component-client-amqp in my github
account; they're fixes of the perl AMQP libraries which had similar
buffering problems and were missing some functionality that we needed.

I hope that clears that up, but questions and remarks are welcome.

Joost Diepenmaat.

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