[rabbitmq-discuss] Question about erlang service manager

H temp at logibit.se
Fri Sep 11 20:53:50 BST 2009

K:\dev\rabbitmq_server-1.6.0\sbin>rabbitmq-service.bat install

RabbitMQ service is already present - only updating service parameters

C:\Program Files (x86)\erl5.7.2\erts-5.7.2\bin\erlsrv: Warning, could not
set co

rrect interactive mode.

Error: The handle is invalid.



1.       Install service

2.       Start service

3.       Run 
rabbitmq-service.bat remove

4.       See the crash

5.       Run
sc remove RabbitMQ394589


Now erlang's service manager believes there's still the service on the
system. How do I remove the bad book-keeping data?


I have tried removing erlang and re-adding it. Still the same failure
message. Where does erlsvr save its state and how do I remove it?

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