[rabbitmq-discuss] Can not get stomp adapter running with rabbitmq 1.6.0

Joeri Belis j.belis at be.pgz.eu
Thu Sep 10 12:40:45 BST 2009

Env= REDHAT 5 

I have compiled from tar file both rabbitmq and stomp adapter. 


Then i start the rabbitmq from the stomp adapter compiled directory with 

make RABBIT_SOURCE_ROOT=../rabbitmq-server run 


And this is the output. 

Everything except the stomp adapter gets started. Any ideas why??? 


erl -pa ebin -pa test_ebin   -pa ../rabbitmq-server/ebin -mnesia dir tmp -boot start_sasl -sasl sasl_error_logger '{file, "'/tmp'/rabbit-sasl.log"}' -kernel error_logger '{file, "'/tmp'/rabbit.log"}' -rabbit_stomp listeners "[{\"\",61613}]" -sname rabbit -eval 'rabbit:start()' -eval 'ok = application:start(rabbit_stomp)' 

Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.5 [source] [64-bit] [smp:4] [async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false] 


Eshell V5.6.5  (abort with ^G) 

(rabbit at redhat09)1> RabbitMQ 1.6.0 (AMQP 8-0) 

Copyright (C) 2007-2009 LShift Ltd., Cohesive Financial Technologies LLC., and Rabbit Technologies Ltd. 

Licensed under the MPL.  See http://www.rabbitmq.com/ 


node        : rabbit at redhat09 

log         : /tmp/rabbit.log 

sasl log    : /tmp/rabbit-sasl.log 

database dir: /usr/local/src/rabbitmq-stomp-7a22cfe47f66/tmp 


starting database             ...done 

starting core processes       ...done 

starting recovery             ...done 

starting persister            ...done 

starting guid generator       ...done 

starting builtin applications ...done 

starting TCP listeners        ...done 


broker running 

starting STOMP Adapter (binding to [{"",61613}])  ...{"init terminating in do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,{bad_return,{{rabbit_stomp,start,[normal,[]]},{'EXIT',{{badmatch,{error,{shutdown,{child,undefined,'rabbit_stomp_listener_sup_0.0.0.0:61613',{tcp_listener_sup,start_link,[{0,0,0,0},61613,[{packet,raw},{reuseaddr,true}],{rabbit_stomp_server,listener_started,[]},{rabbit_stomp_server,listener_stopped,[]},{rabbit_stomp_server,start_client,[]},"STOMP Listener"]},transient,infinity,supervisor,[tcp_listener_sup]}}}},[{rabbit_stomp_server,start_listeners,1},{rabbit_stomp_server,start,1},{rabbit_stomp,start,2},{application_master,start_it_old,4}]}}}}}},[{erl_eval,expr,3}]}} 

Erlang has closed 

                 /usr/lib64/erlang/lib/os_mon-2.1.8/priv/bin/memsup: Erlang has closed. 


Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump 

init terminating in do_boot () 

make: *** [run] Fout 1 

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