[rabbitmq-discuss] Performance degrades with increasing queue depth

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Tue Sep 8 18:15:19 BST 2009

Suhail Doshi <digitalwarfare at gmail.com> writes:
> This is the gist of mine:

Hi Suhail,

In order to reproduce what you are describing, it would be helpful to

- Which version of which Python AMQP library you are using.

- A complete program to reproduce the problem.  I notice that your
  email client is breaking lines, so you might want to send the
  program as an attachment, or switch to an email client that can be
  configured not to break lines.

- A bit about your environment: What OS, what kind of hardware, is
  everything running on a single machine or not, etc.

The easier it is to reproduce the problem, the more likely you are to
get a useful answer!


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