[rabbitmq-discuss] procedure for dealing with timeout_waiting_for_tables

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Tue Sep 8 18:04:29 BST 2009

tsuraan <tsuraan at gmail.com> writes:
> I'm currently starting rabbit with the node name 'rabbit'.  If I were
> to always start it with 'rabbit at localhost' (or 'rabbit@<some other
> constant name>', I guess), would I be guaranteed to not have this
> problem, as long as the @name is something that maps to the local
> machine?

Yes, if the machine's hostname is changing, then it's a good idea to
specify the full node name explicitly in order to avoid problems with

In general, the part of the node name after the '@' does not even have
to resolve to the machine in question, although it should if you want
clustering to work.

>  I assume that erlang implicitly uses rabbit@`hostname` when
> the @ is left off, but I'm not entirely sure on that.

Indeed, as described at


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