[rabbitmq-discuss] list_connections output

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Sep 3 23:32:17 BST 2009


Chuck Remes wrote:
> What does it mean when the user column in the "list_connections"  
> output is 'none'?
> cremes$ ./rabbitmqctl list_connections
> Listing connections ...
> none	59828
> guest	59808
> ...done.
> I have a client connecting to rabbit but for some reason it is getting  
> assigned the name 'none' upon connection. It should be 'guest' like  
> the other connection listed.
> The 'none' connection times out after exactly 10 seconds and then  
> disappears. Is that timeout inside rabbit? What triggers it?

'none' is shown when a client has connected but hasn't sent their 
credentials yet. If that (plus all other connection setup steps) aren't 
completed within ten seconds then the server closes the connection.


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