[rabbitmq-discuss] General approaches for tracking unreclaimed memory

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Oct 28 16:01:36 GMT 2009


Garrett Smith wrote:
> I need both non-exclusive/non-auto-delete so that the queue is
> preserved when either the creating connection or the last consumer
> goes away.

Why do you want the queue to be preserved when you do not want any of
its messages preserved?

> I know that the expires/TTL is ignored in rabbit, and is perhaps not
> entirely fleshed out in the 0.8 spec, but it seems an important
> feature wrt resource resource management.

Discarding messages from a queue based on some expiry property is but
one of many different conceivable ways in which one may wish to manage
resources. Yes, it happens to be one that is half-defined by the spec,
but I doubt it's the most useful one. We will get round to implementing
it eventually, but we are considering others too, such as limiting
queues by msg count or size, eviction policies based on message
properties other than expiry, etc.



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