[rabbitmq-discuss] General approaches for tracking unreclaimed memory

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Oct 28 01:00:22 GMT 2009


Garrett Smith wrote:
> Hah, I missed something obvious here. Thanks for reminding me to start
> at the beginning :)
> So, here's the problem, which everyone reasonably faces: when a
> consumer goes away, their queues pile up, which is basically a "leak"
> at the application/system level (not with rabbit).
> I'm being a little lazy here by not looking into the docs or the AMQP
> spec, but is there a way to guard against an eventual crash in this
> case (I believe this has manifested itself for me once by running out
> of Erlang processes, but memory is certainly an issue as well)?

I'd definitely recommend reading the spec. If you did then you'd know 
about the exclusive and auto-delete flags to queue.declare ;) Queues 
declared with the former get automatically deleted when their creating 
connection disappears, and the latter when their last consumer disappears.



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