[rabbitmq-discuss] IBasicConsumer.HandleBasicDeliver threading behavior

Allen Jones allen.jones at quantumblack.com
Mon Oct 26 16:10:07 GMT 2009

I have created my own implementation of IBasicConsumer. I just discovered
DefaultBasicConsumer, so I might start using that, but overall things are
working very well except the for the odd anomaly, which I am trying to sort
out. My question is also relevant to DefaultBasicConsumer as well.


The documentation makes it clear that the IBasicConsumer.HandleBasicDeliver
event handler is called on the connection's thread (i.e. single).  I just
wanted to confirm that the Model will only process messages one at a time
i.e. there is no chance that multiple HandleBasicDeliver calls will be
executed concurrently. Can somebody confirm? 



Allen Jones


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