[rabbitmq-discuss] Java API V1.6.0 - Performance problem with basicConsume and dynamic bindings

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Oct 23 22:20:13 BST 2009


Boisson, Franck wrote:
>> Does the consumer stop receiving messages altogether or does it just
> slow down?
> Consumer does not stop receiving messages but I see that the number of
> messages waiting in the queue is growing.

How are you observing the queue message counts? Via 'rabbitmqctl 
list_queues'? If so, what does the breakdown into messages_ready, 
messages_unacknowledged and messages_uncommited show?

>> Do either the client or server max out the CPU?
> No, CPU is normal (less that 10% is used)

That's very odd. Can you post some code to reproduce this behaviour? 
Also, it would safe time if you repeated the tests on the 1.7.0 client 
and server.



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