[rabbitmq-discuss] Simple benchmark and results

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Fri Oct 23 00:05:06 BST 2009


David Glaubman wrote:
> Buffering the int/short Writes in a modified version of NetworkBinaryWriter, 
> I got around 7.5K messages per sec.:  (5X speedup)

The lack of buffering in the .net client is an issue we noticed a while 
ago and we filed a bug to look into it. Our results at the time didn't 
show as dramatic a difference as your tests. I've increased the severity 
of that bug now, so we'll address it sooner.

Is this a showstopper for you or is the performance as it stands 
sufficient for your intended use case?

Thanks for your help in tracking this down.



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