[rabbitmq-discuss] Having trouble connecting via jInterface

peckb brian.peck at lmco.com
Tue Oct 13 03:47:04 BST 2009

Hey all,

I'm trying to query my rabbitmq broker from java and I am able to make the
simple example calls that I found at
but when I try a more complex call i get no response.

I'm trying to call the list_queues method with the following code.


OtpSelf self = new OtpSelf("guest", "myCookie");
OtpPeer other = new OtpPeer("rabbit at mercury");
OtpConnection connection = self.connect(other);

OtpErlangObject obj = new OtpErlangBinary((byte)47);
// the magic 47 was in reference to the answer I found at 
// though I am unsure it is behaving properly

connection.sendRPC("rabbit_amqqueue", "info_all", new OtpErlangList(obj));

OtpMsg receiveMsg = connection.receiveMsg();


However the output is always {rex, []}. If I try connection.receiveRPC() the
received data is just [].

But when I hop over to the command line and type rabbitmqctl list_queues I

Listing queues ...
SimpleQueue     501

Also, when I try and go into erlang [erl, no parameters] and type 

rpc:call(rabbit at mercury, rabbit_amqqueue, info_all, [<<"/">>]).

I get 

{badrpc, nodedown}

Any thoughts on what might be causing my java code to not work?



Note: In case you're wondering I'm on Ubuntu 9.0.4.

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