[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel.isopen returns false and {timeout, running} exception

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Oct 12 09:42:00 BST 2009


Katrina wrote:
> the problem is still occurring ... till now we had set heartbeat as "10" ..
> so  wat if we set it to '0'. 
> [...]
> so my .. question is .. if we set heartbeat as "0" .. then will 
> shutdownlistner get called ??

The shutdown listeners should get called when the connection is 
terminated, whatever the reason.

Note that in the RabbitMQ 1.7.0 clients the default heartbeat interval 
is 0, i.e. disabled. So if you are using the 1.7.0 Java client, simply 
removing your explicit "10" setting ought to disable heartbeats.



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