[rabbitmq-discuss] Install 1.7 on debian with apt-get

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Thu Oct 8 21:50:52 BST 2009

Hi Ted,

Ted Slusser <ted.slusser at vanderbilt.edu> writes:
> Now I have updated erlang and I have the following:
> ii  erlang-appmon                        1:13.b.2.1-dfsg
> [...]
> ii  erlang-xmerl                         1:13.b.2.1-dfsg
> But I am still getting a erl_crash.dump when attempting to install
> rabbitmq-server.

I'm not sure why you have erlang/OTP R13B on a lenny machine.  Lenny
still includes erlang/OTP R12B.  I have a lenny system with rabbit
working, and here's the full list of erlang packages I have installed:

ii  erlang-base                       1:12.b.3-dfsg-4
ii  erlang-nox                        1:12.b.3-dfsg-4

Your list look more like the set of erlang packages I would expect to
see on a Debian unstable (sid) machine, which includes erlang R13B and
has it broken down into a large number of packages, as in your list.

Note that on lenny, you *shoudn't* have a erlang-ssl package - that
component is included in one of the two packages above.

I suspect that this erlang installation is not working quite
correctly, and that is leading to the rabbitmq problem.

I suggest that you remove all erlang packages, as well as
rabbitmq-server, and start again.  If apt-get installs something other
than the two erlang packages I mentioned above, you probably have an
issue in your apt configuration.

> Any advice on how to interpret the erl_crash.dump?

The /var/log/rabbit/startup_* files are usually the best place to look
to diagnose problems with rabbitmq-server, and we need to see those to
understand files what going on.  The erl_crash.dump file sometimes
gives useful context, but it contains a lot of information which is
uninteresting in most cases.


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