[rabbitmq-discuss] C# Client + Virtual Host Problem

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Oct 5 19:21:38 BST 2009


> =ERROR REPORT==== 5-Oct-2009::10:50:09 ===
> exception on TCP connection <0.997.0> from 
> <>
> {channel0_error,opening,
>                 {amqp,access_refused,
>                       "access to vhost '/publisher' refused for user 
> 'guest'",
>                       'connection.open'}}
> Not sure why I didn't think to look at the RabbitMQ log.  It would be 
> nice if the driver gave a better error message

The client could report an error along the lines of "server closed 
connection during connection.open. Likely causes include ...". That's on 
our todo list.

The message can't be precise about the error since the protocol does not 
permit the server to return an error message until after the connection 
has been fully opened.



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