[rabbitmq-discuss] Dynamically binding to a topic exchange without losing messages?

Robert Raschke rtrlists at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 2 17:09:23 BST 2009

Ben and Paul, thanks for your thoughts.

My producer is generating a constant stream of messages with keys Type.Id,
where the Type is one of a few hundred possible values and the Id identifies
is an entity where something of that Type just happened. More concretely, in
a trouble ticketing system for example, tickets have an Id and they
constantly get updated with stuff of a certain Type.

After a particular Type of update, I need to start processing all following
updates on the ticket with the given Id, up until some kind of "stop" update

So I was thinking of having one process per ticket that needs monitored
(~1000 at any one time). But the producer doesn't know which ones will get
monitored. And I have to ignore all messages that are not of type "start
monitoring" and aren't currently monitored by a process. Thus I can't use
the mandatory flag either.

I'll try playing with the "look and forward" approach to see how awkward
it'll be.

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