[rabbitmq-discuss] logging

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu May 28 09:06:24 BST 2009


Vadim Zaliva wrote:
> if there is a way to enable debug logging in rabbitmq so I can trace
> how messages are delivered (when and to what client connection)?

I can think of several ways of doing this:

1) run your connections through our tracer 

2) run a network capture/analysis tool like wireshark

3) use Erlang's built-in tracing facilities - you'll need some knowledge 
of Erlang and the RabbitMQ internals for that

We also have an experimental feature in development called 'firehose' 
which allows you to turn on logging of messages received by / sent from 
AMQP channels. Check it out on branch 'bug20589' in our hg repo, if you 
are feeling adventurous. One thing that doesn't do is identify the 
client connection. I will investigate whether that would be easy and 
desirable to add.



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